♥ Angel Stories

Every angel has as a story to tell and we love sharing the ones we get to hear about. This gallery is continually updated with new photos and stories about what's inspired the angel gifts and a little detail around why they've been given. Be sure to also check our Facebook page for the latest stories and photos!

�™� Requested by a little girl who's pet cat, "Lucy" passed away. She was a tabby and the special request for a "cat charm" was a bit of a challenge to meet but we made it work! The other request was to have cat ears added to the angel. We struggled with that one but we've since procured even better pet charms

♥ Two small angels (one clear and one iridescent) as Christmas gifts for two special teachers

♥ A matching set of large red angels on chains for a family that were facing a significant tragedy (ordered by a friend of the family)

♥ A custom bracelet featuring a large purple angel charm with a beautiful Swarovski crystal "purple heart" + and additional matching angel charm. A friend ordered this pair for a friend that was battling depression and substance abuse. The purple heart is to symbolize "Courage"

♥ Matching charms (large iridescent with silver wings) with an "A" dangle charm. Ordered for a family who suffered the tragic loss of a young lady to suicide (her name began with "A") 

♥ A matching set of our small green angels with gold wings ordered for a family who very suddenly lost a husband/father. We're told he was the biggest Edmonton Eskimos fan ever

♥ Remember... if you have received an angel, we encourage you to hold on to it until you meet someone that needs it more than you do... then simply pay-it-forward!

♥ Matching angel pendant charms (large iridescent with silver wings) with an "A" dangle charm. Ordered by another friend of  a family who suffered the tragic loss of a young lady to suicide (see related photo above) 

♥ These were ordered for a family who is immersed in Christian music (and from what I've learned, they've touched many lives with their music and their story). The wife of this musical duo (Joey and Rory) succumbed to cervical a cancer and one of their fans ordered these little angels for the couple and their young children

♥ A custom order angel sun catcher was ordered from one friend to another friend signifying her relentless battle with melanoma. This charm features a series of black and clear Swarovski crystal beads with a large black angel and small iridescent Swarovski tear drop

♥ A custom angel bracelet featuring a large and small black Swarovski angel and gorgeous crystal beads. The recipient's story centers around her husband, who was diagnosed 8 years ago at age 41 with stage 3-4 melanoma... was given a 50-50 chance of 10 years. He has had several surgeries, and has done chemo...and presently seems to be doing well.

♥ Small dark blue angels with silver wings ordered for two young brothers, one of which was recently diagnosed with cancer

♥ A special order of the custom sets (included pendant necklace and bracelet) for three young sisters. A thoughtful Christmas present, each coordinated with the girls' favourite colours

♥ Inspired by some of the custom designs you see here? We're happy to work with you to make your angel piece extra special. Consider what you want your angel to symbolize, think on what the recipient would appreciate and then send us a message so we can come up with the perfect design idea together!

♥ Five small angels (dark blue, green, copper, red, and sunset) as Christmas gifts for a few special teachers

�™� A small blue crystal angel with two dangle charms. Ordered from one friend to another to honor the very sudden loss of her husband who tragically suffered a major stroke. He had blue eyes and loved to play the guitar

♥ A mix of colourful angels ordered by residents of a seniors' residence. Each little angel will have it's own story and special destination

♥ Our friends at Bliss Yoga Spa kindly ordered several angels to sell on our behalf and help us to get the word out about our Circle of Angels project

♥ Our friends at Blue Gemini Hair Studio have been superstar supporters of our project. This collection of 50 (yes FIFTY) angels was ordered by this local business who then gave them away to their customers as a part of their own fundraising activity

�™� One pendant necklace and one simple charm angel. The large red angel with gold wings was ordered by one friend for another friend who recently lost his grandmother. The large iridescent angel is to remember her own grandfather and memories of his golden wedding band

♥ One of our friends within the Circle tragically lost her husband after his brave battle with cancer. It is one of those stories that both warms and breaks your heart... two people falling deeply in love a little later in life, one becomes tragically ill and the other pours everything they've got into caring for them. As difficult as their journey has been, it is so inspiring to see how this couple cherished each other and chose to squeeze out every drop of happiness that they could from their time together. These little angels were ordered by her to pay-forward to some of the people that were closest to them on their journey

�™� As part of a special order option we held over Christmas 2015, we encouraged people to order an angel to give along with an angel to keep. Large sets of angels took flight and we're confident they landed precisely where there were supposed to

♥ These little blue angels were kindly ordered by someone who wanted their colleague to have something special as her granddaughter battles a serious medical condition - aplastic anemia. Friends pulled together a special campaign to encourage others to donate blood so that they might help people like this young girl. May "Carol's Angels" find great success through their efforts

♥ These two purple angels (one small and one large) were ordered by a young lady who lost her Mom to cancer. Butterflies have a special meaning to her  so at her special request we've added a little butterfly charm 

�™� These matching bracelets were a custom order request for a Christmas present. They match in every way except for the gold/silver. They were destined for two family members that were missing a loved one over Christmas and their hope was that they'd feel a lisle closer to her by wearing their special angel bracelets

♥ This matching set of green angel pendant necklaces was made at the request of someone who's dear friend passed away very suddenly. She was a mom to two young children. Green was her favourite colour

�™� This special angel was made in remembrance of a special pup who passed away. A beautiful Shiba Inu named "Mika"

♥ This special edition angel bracelet featuring four different coloured angels was designed as a special donation piece to the Angels Anonymous silent auction

♥ This custom piece is actually a lanyard in one very special school secretary's favorite colour scheme. Such a thoughtful gift for someone! 

♥ These large purple, sunset, and light blue angels were ordered by a special lady to represent the tragic miscarriages she had experienced

♥ These two large angels (light blue with silver wings and sunset with gold wings) for a family coping with a very sudden and scary cancer diagnosis

♥ We were asked to make a special angel for a family that would represent a tragic loss they had in their lives. Yellow has a very special meaning to them and the little bird charm spoke to them. This family has taken a difficult experience and turned it around into a purpose to help others

�™� This small army of ten angels were requested by someone who was visiting a terminally ill friend out-of-town. She took these along knowing that there were going to be others there that could also all use a little angel in such a difficult time.

♥ These large angels (pink, grey, and iridescent) were sent to a "mommy" overseas that has taken on more grief than any one heart should have to bear

♥ These two large angels (purple and pink with silver wings) were ordered from one friend to another in the U.K. as she was going through a difficult time

♥ I shared a random Angel with a total stranger one day (as we often do) and we talked about the project. Months later she got in touch and ordered two angels (one small iridescent and one small copper) for someone in her life that recently experienced a loss