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"Angel Bombing" is our latest activity that just seems to get bigger and better by the month. Angel "what"? ... you ask?? That's right... we Angel Bomb every couple of months, meaning we simply get a few people together... come up with a fun activity and go pay-forward some acts of kindness in our community. It's just that simple! We're always looking for new ideas and more volunteers, so if you're interested then be sure to send us a message and get added to our volunteer e-mail list!

Mother's Day, 2016 ~ visit to the Edmonton Northands (Ft. McMurray evacuee centre to hand out angels to "Moms and Fur-Baby Moms"

♥ Mother's Day, 2016



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♥ Easter 2016

For Easter we decided to do something extra sweet! We gathered over a dozen volunteers and our resident expert baker (Rebecca of "Simply Sweet" pictured above) and we made over 400 sugar cookies! Once packaged up we took them out on Easter Sunday to spread some sweet kindness around Edmonton.

A car full of us drove around town and "angel-bombed" several Fire/EMS halls with our fresh baked cookies. We also made a special stop at the Youth Emergency Shelter (YESS - Youth Empowerment and Support Services). Good times by all and far too many cookies ended up being "quality samples"! When we found ourselves with a few extra bags at the end of the day we decided to hit Whyte Ave. (a pretty popular hang out spot for all kinds of crowds) and handed them out to random folks walking by. Couldn't pass up the photo op at the local Plaid Giraffe (boutique filled with awesomeness). So. Much. Fun.!!

♥ January 2016

If you live in (or have visited) Edmonton, Alberta in the winter, you'll know just how frigid the days in January can be. And so our "Angel Bombing" activity for this month was to share some warmth with the less fortunate. Over 15 of us got together, each purchasing a few things like some warm socks, fresh fruit, shaving kits, and juice boxes + arranged for 80 hot breakfast sandwiches to share outside one of our inner city shelters. We had lots of smiles and shared some laughs with folks which all helped to keep us a little warmer!

♥ December 2015

Christmas Eve - 2015 was our very first ever "Angel Bombing" Session. It was going to be our first Christmas without our Dad and we felt compelled to return some kindess to two fo the places that helped to care for him in his final days. 

Our lone stop on Christmas Eve was to the Cross Cancer Institute where we handed out candy canes and wrapped boxes of chocolates to staff, patients and families. It was a super emotional day and I think there were as many tears as there were smiles. We of course met some wonderful people along the way and our only goal was to try and bring some cheer to people fighting cancer. It was a day we won't soon forget.

On Christmas Day, we returned to St. Joseph's Hospice and paid forward many of our "Megan's Angels" to the patients and families on the Palliative Ward. It of course brought back a flood of memories of Dad's last Christmas spent on that ward and we could still feel the mix of sadness and peace that this kind of place holds. We brought some treats for the staff too and although tough to revisit the memories, it was special to receive some hugs from the people who were there for us a short year ago. Truly a house of angels that helped our Dad journey to "The Next Place".