Dave was diagnosed with a Grade IV Glioblastoma (brain tumour) in May 2013. He was brave and strong, and an inspiration to everyone around him. It wasn't an easy journey but he chose to be grateful for every blessing... every additional month with his loved ones... every act of compassion, kindness, empathy, and friendship. Somehow, this gratitude and his positivity made this final journey a little easier for everyone involved.  

The angels were small but meaningful gifts and it was so important to him that he leave behind a small token of love for the special people in his life. His first 'batch' made the journey clear across the Atlantic Ocean to a handful of ladies in the U.K. that had befriended and supported him from afar. It didn't take him long to add to his wish list of angel-recipients, and so... more and more angels took flight on his behalf. 

♥ Our Story

We said our final goodbyes on January 13th, 2015. While we miss him dearly there is also a sense of relief knowing that he's in a better place. We lost our Mom (Step-Mom) to a complex battle with Lupus and Lung Cancer in 2007, so we also take comfort in the thought they are now together again. 

We had promised our Dad that we would continue on with the Angels after he was gone, and so... the project was officially launched on March 1, 2015. Despite the fact that we were still dealing with some pretty big waves of grief, we knew there were always going to be other people out there that could use a little hope, strength, or encouragement. Somehow we just knew that there would be some healing by trying to help others too!


The "Circle of Angels" is a simple "pay-it-forward" project that was started by two sisters from Edmonton, Alberta Canada back in March 2015. It was started in memory of their father (Dave Dorrell) following his journey with terminal brain cancer. He demonstrated courage and grace in the face of terminal illness and he wanted to express his sincere gratitude for all the love, support, and kindness bestowed upon him in his time of need. In his final weeks, he asked his daughters to help him share a small  gift with those that were there for him along the way. With a little imagination, a little Swarovski crystal angel charm was created and about 100 of them took flight to the many special people in his life. The response to it all was magical, and inspired by this pay-it-forward act, Kristen and Beverley (with the help of others within the "Circle") continue to make these special angels and donate the proceeds to charity. 

Beverley Hasinoff (left) & Kristen Edmiston (right)

Click here to watch the beginning chapter of our Angel story as told by CTV News Edmonton

Since their inception, we have made THOUSANDS of these little charms through special projects, for individuals to purchase, and to sometimes give away as random acts of kindess. We're proud to say that these little angels have helped us to raise almost $10,000  for charity so far, but it doesn't stop there!

We have a growing community on Facebook where people from around the world can come together, share their stories, find a little strength when they need a lift and then return the favour when others are in need. We encourage people to share photos of their angels and explain what their little charm means to them. We're hoping to have as many people join us as possible, so please do join us and follow along!

We've also discovered the healing power of people coming together to help make these little angel charms during our mass "angel-making" sessions. We've hosted several gatherings already and witnesssed first hand how just being together for a common cause - or with a common hurt in one's heart - we can all begin to heal.

Our latest chapter involves reaching out to our local community (and encouraging others to do the same in their own community) through "Angel Bombing". Every few months, we gather some volunteers and come up with a fun way to bring smiles to strangers and spread a little love and kindness. Our hope is that others will in turn pay-it-forward and so the "Circle" will continue on! 

♥ And with that, our Angel Story must carry on...