How would an angel symbolize something (or someone) for you in your life? For someone else? Can you think of a reason to pay it forward and give an Angel to someone that you care about to say "Thanks", or "I Care", or "Stay Strong"?

♥ Share an Angel

We would love to make you your own special angel, or collection of angels to keep or to give away. Each angel is made by hand with genuine Swarovski Crystal and comes packaged in a small display box, ready to give in a pretty organza bag. If you'd like, we can also send your angel directly to a friend or loved one with a little note from you to them. Just let us know how we can make your angel order extra special and we'll do what we can to make it happen! There are two basic sizes of angels available: small = $10 and large = $12. Click here for order information (you'll be redirected to a new page) or download our information sheet for more details.

♥ Paying it Forward 

The proceeds of our angel sales go to three different charities that our family has chosen to support:  

Through several of our Special Projects we have supported other causes too. We are always open to collaborative opportunities with other charities so please get in touch if you'd like to share your fundraising idea with us.

If you have received an angel, we encourage you to hold on to it until you meet someone that needs it more than you do...then simply pay-it-forward!

♥ What Can I Do With My Angels?

We often get asked what can be done with these little charms. Here are a few ways we've seen them used so far:

  • Sun catchers in a window or hanging from a rear-view mirror
  • Christmas decorations (great as a set with every colour)
  • Added to a wedding bouquet or other floral arrangement
  • Pinned to a baby's christening gown
  • Added to a memory or shadow box
  • Worn as jewelry (yes we make angel jewelry too!)

♥ Customize your Angels

We have many different options for you to make your angel charms personalized. Here are just a few choices to consider:

  • Small or large size
  • Silver or gold wings
  • A rainbow of crystal colour options
  • With or without a dangle charm (several options to choose from)

We offer custom orders as well. Just send us a message with your design idea and we'll work with you to come up with something extra special.

♥ Do the Angels Have a Special Meaning?

Every angel seems to land exactly where it is supposed to. Their meaning? That all depends! Sometimes they are given as special gifts or "memory-keepers". Here are some reasons for sharing an angel but everyone will have their own reason for giving an angel away... the personal message they carry upon their wings is all up to you:

  • Birthday gifts (we can match just about all birthstone colours)
  • Christmas gifts
  • To commemorate a special occasion (e.g. wedding, graduation, birth, christening/baptism)
  • To represent a significant life event (e.g. an important trip, life accomplishment, etc.)
  • Gifts for teachers or coaches
  • Staff appreciation gifts
  • Matching sets (e.g. necklaces) for a family or friend group
  • To acknowledge a tough life journey (e.g. recovery from an addiction or significant illness) 
  • To represent the loss of a loved one
  • To give as a symbol of support and encouragement
  • To give as a good luck charm ;o)
  • To say "Thank You"
  • To say "You aren't alone"
  • To say "I'm Sorry"
  • To say "I Love You"
  • As a random act-of-kindness (yes... even to a total stranger!)
  • "Just Because"