♥ Special Projects

On behalf of our Circle, Kristen & Beverley will be donating a "twin" angel for every #fmmfire angel ordered (up to 100) and be giving these to families directly impacted by the Ft. McMurray wildfire

♥ "A healing path can be found by coming together and creating something beautiful for a common cause or perhaps even a common hurt in our hearts."

And so... one of our favorite activities is to host "Mass-Angel-Making Sessions". We've had several larger Special Projects that simply wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for the many volunteers who've helped make hundreds of these little charms with us. It's simple really... we come together as friends (old and new) and we make a LOT of angels. We talk, we reminisce, share stories, learn together and lean on each other. Each session is a little different and always open to new comers! Together... we are stronger!

♥ Our Latest Special Project

#fmmfire Angel Project ~ May 2016

On May 3, 2016 an out-of-control wildfire began ravaging the community of Fort McMurray, Alberta. It is estimated that over 2,400 homes and buildings were destroyed and the entire community of 80,000+ people were evacuated to nearby communities. It has been difficult to comprehend the loss that will be felt by so many families but we were instantly compelled to do something for our friends, family, and neighbours to the north.

And so...we have designed a special edition angel, the "#fmmfire" Angel that boasts the most beautiful green Swarovski crystal with a delicate silver leaf dangle charm. It is intended to symbolize regrowth and renewal.

Throughout the month of May, these little angels will be for sale ($15 each) and all proceeds ($10 from each angel) will be donated to help members of the Ft. McMurray community. All funds raised will be divided between the Ft. McMurray SPCA (so many pets have been displaced too!) and the Salvation Army. To purchase your own #ymmfire Angel (or two), Click here and stay tuned to our Facebook page for the latest updates on this project!


Through the hands of several volunteers, our two #fmmfire Angel-Making sessions were a huge success! A total of 300 green angels were made, along with 200 very special "Firefighter" angels (red) that will be given to many of the brave firefighters that have helped to battle the FMM blaze. Thank you also to CTV News Edmonton for sharing our story and raising awareness of this project! 


♥ Other Special Projects

"EPS Foundation Angel" Project ~ September 2015

When the Edmonton Police Service Foundation approached us about helping them with a little project for their"True Blue Gala" in 2015 - there was no question... we were all in! Word had traveled about our earlier #EPS Strong project (see below) and we were convinced that after making 2,000 angels... we could fulfill the request for 500 without much difficulty. A few phone calls made and another order for blue crystal... some very helpful volunteers and it was done!

"Megan's Angel" Project ~ November 2015

Megan was a very special part of our Circle of Angels. She was family... and a big supporter of our larger project. Her own hands made hundreds of our little angels for others. She was also taken from us far too soon, receiving her own angel wings on October 14th, 2015 at the age of 28. Nick, her husband asked us to design a special angel in her name so that her friends and family might have a special keepsake to remember her by. And so... "Megan's Angel" was imagined and featured a beautiful purple crystal and a delicate treble clef dangle charm to signify her love of music.

Over 300 "Megan's Angels" were ordered, and for each one made, we made a "twin" to pay-forward through random acts of kindness in her name. We hosted 3 mass "Angel-Making Sessions" where Megan's friends and family members gathered to make over 600 these special charms while working through the grief and sadness too.

Nick chose to donate the proceeds from this special project to the University of Alberta Hospital Foundation and S.T.A.R.S. Air Ambulance, but perhaps the most powerful gift of all was the strength we all found in coming together doing something special in her memory.


"EPS Strong" Project ~ June 2015

On June  8, 2015, our community was devastated by the tragic passing of Constable Daniel Woodall, a 35-year-old Edmonton Police Service officer who served in the hate crimes unit of the Edmonton Police Service. He was killed in the line of duty, leaving behind a wife and two young children. As members of this community, we were both shocked and heartbroken by this news... like so many other residents of our city. There seemed to be a united revelation of just how much our Police officers and their families risk every single day to keep us safe and secure. The outpouring of support witnessed in our community was tremendous. Street lights, trees, fences and porches were decorated with blue ribbons. Everywhere you looked, there were beautiful blue bows and "EPSstrong" signs. We knew we just had to do something special... and so our very first mass project was inspired. Thank you CTV News Edmonton for again helping to tell our story! Click here to view the video.


Click here to view the beautiful tribute made by the EPS for Constable Daniel Woodall. 

We had never done anything like THIS before... and as daunting as the task first seemed, it also became abundantly clear that we were going to have more than enough help to make 2,000 angel charms  in Constable Daniel Woodall's memory. We wanted every single member of the Edmonton Police Service to receive an angel. The design was unique too... as each clear or dark blue angel had a small blue ring around the waist to signify a little blue belt. Something special that will never be repeated and this design will always be known as our EPS Angel.

A few emails and phone calls made and we suddenly had about 50 people wanting to come and help. Liv Real Estate very kindly opened their office buildi

ng to us to use for the mass-angel making session, and the generous folks of Advanced Medical Solutions provided a full BBQ to keep our angel-makers fueled up!

We literally cleared out our Swarovski supplier of their blue crystal... we ordered special boxes to present the angels in a unique display for the EPS members. We struggled to find blue ribbon in the city (everywhere was sold out because of the ribbons being made/tied around the city) but with some sleuthing we found success. And so in ONE night... we came together and had a remarkable experience. We shared, we laughed, we cried, and we made angels until our hands were bruised... the wire bending can be a bit intense when you do it long enough! At the end of the evening, we had filled a pool table 5 stacks deep with our little gifts and we were ready to let them take flight!

Thanks to the generous personal and corporate donations we received during this project, we were able to cover off all the costs of our supplies and donate over $2,500 to the Woodall Trust Fund. We delivered the car full of boxes to Police Headquarters and were later surprised with a tour of the building. We were further treated to a meet & greet with Chief of Police Rob Knecht and presented with a most wonderful piece of art to remind us of this very special project.