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Purchase our handmade Swarovski crystal angel charms for someone special...proceeds donated to three different charities


~Special Projects~

We are currently working on the #Humboldtstrong Special Edition Angel Project with proceeds being donated to the Humboldtstrong Community Foundation.

Pay-it-forward in your community...

Join us in our "Angel Bombing" activities and make a difference one smile at a time

Stronger Together

Welcome, friends... we are so glad you're here ♥

♥ We believe...

  • There is healing through helping others 

  • We must be the change we wish to see in the world

  • No act of kindness is too small 

♥ Who are we?

We are an ever-growing community of people from around the world that want to come together virtually (and in some cases in our own communities) because we believe we are stronger together. We all get to experience this journey called life and no matter what the circumstances, it helps just knowing you aren't walking on the path alone.

Share your Story...

Tell us about your journey, what you've learned, and how your experience might help others. Need a listening ear? Join the conversation on our Facebook page and feel the love come full Circle ♥